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Commercial Pest Control

At Pest3 we provide commercial pest control services in London and throughout the home counties.

Professional, discreet service

We realise how damaging pest infestations can be to a businesses reputation, especially food establishments. We specialise in clearing infestations quickly, effectively and at an affordable price.

We discreetly deal with the immediate problem and investigate the cause of the problem and advice the measures required to stop re-infestation.

Our Commercial Pest Control services include all pest types, we provide effective treatments for mice, rats, wasps, bees, fleas, bed bugs, moths, ants, cockroaches, squirrels and many more…

Immediate Response

We offer a fast, reliable same day service, seven days a week. Our work is guaranteed and there are no hidden or extra charges. We pride ourselves on a no nonsense straight forward approach.

We use insecticides that are safe to use at your business premises, our products such as rodent bait stations are tamper proof to protect your staff and customers

Surveys & Contracts

We offer free site surveys to assess the treatment required to solve the existing pest problem and to prevent your business being infested in the future.

Some Commercial Pest Control treatments require staff leave the premises while our technicians carry out the works, and some infestations will require more than one treatment, depending on the type of the infestation.

Following a detailed inspection we can provide pest protection programs for the interior and exterior of your premises. Commercial pest control is not always an exact science and every location can have a different problem and solution. At Pest3 we create pest control programs that are bespoke to your needs.

To find out how we can help you, please call us on 0208 945 7828 .


Did you know?

Having no pest control at your place of business, especially if food is prepared on the premises , can and often will result in prosecution resulting with fines up to £20.000, two years imprisonment and disqualification from catering.